When Sound Becomes Form


When Sound Becomes Form exhibition presents a selection of archive documents dedicated to the history of avant-garde sound art in Italy from 1950 to 2000. Starting from the previous display’s structure inside the MAXXI museum we designed for the space Incontri Internazionali d’Arte, the Museum asked to us to re-think and give a new identity to that space and obviously to the new exhibition.

The exhibition shows printing materials like photographs, fanzines, posters, original LPs, but also films, videos and audio contributions. The language of these printed objects is very clear and identity-making, so the visual debate between our graphic design and the artworks should be not so simple. Our approach to the project is based on two main routes: on one side the use of color and on the other side the use of a big and simple typography. Accordingly to the Museum, we used a yellow color palette in different shades, from a light/acid one to a full/warm one: a sort of gradient, composed by four types of yellow, useful for underlining and dividing the ages of the sound art production in Italy. Mostly of the documents were born in a counterculture’s background and had a native very low resolution, but, thanks to the color that framed them, they are reborn. The huge title together the dates interact with the artworks creating different levels of reading and give to the exposition wall a sort of dinamism.

To simplify the listening of the audio contents to the visitors we designed an intuitive interface, developed by Dot Tech and set up on some iPads, mounted directly on the wall.


The exhibition is curated by Carlo Fatigoni and hosted at art archive’s space Incontri Internazionali d’Arte, MAXXI — Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo.

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