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Roma Neue is a versatile and functional grotesque following the best examples of 19th-century jobbing types and their popular 20th-century descendants – such as Helvetica, Univers and the like. Practical, clean, blank, legible, timeless – it carries the best visual features of the Swiss Style, which has populated Western visual communication since the 1950s. Thanks to its distinctive and appealing easygoingness, Roma Neue is perfect for exhibition design and corporate identity, but it is also suitable for a wider range of applications such as artbooks, packaging, signage, wayfinding … – and even UI and web design.

Besides its historical route, Roma Neue is a typeface that strongly belongs to contemporary typography. The whole family includes eight weights from thin to black, with slanted italics. Its variable font version also includes the italic variable-axis: the slant of the letters can be changed from 0° (upright) to 16° (default italic). Finally, it features several alternate letters (including lowercase such as a, g, l and t, uppercase such as G, J, R, and also alternate shapes for &) and counts more than 590 glyphs, including tabular lining, old-style and tabular old-style figures, superscript, subscript, fractions, slashed zero and arrows. [ Source: ]


Roma Neue, designed by Stefano Cremisini — Etaoin Shrdlu Studio × CAST Type Foundry. Buy Roma Neue on or rent it on

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