Fabio Barile. Works for a Cosmic Feeling, Matèria — Exhibition


Fabio Barile uses photography as a medium to investigate the reality in order to describe the different levels of complexity in Nature. Inspired by the oceanic sentiment by the French writer Romain Rolland in a 1927 letter to Sigmund Freud, the cosmos of images of Fabio Barile’s work can be seen as part of a unique evolving organism.

By the use of projectors, the 229 images, generating an asynchronous and dynamic flow, are framed into five structures designed to reconfigure the gallery’s space and give the visitor the impression of an immersive voyage without losing the strong identity of the cross vaults of the exhibition’s space. The frames are designed to give the impression of pages of a book in which each photograph floats without losing its density and details. Each frame is made by wood and has different dimensions, creating a space into the space and, above all, multiple spaces in the same space by the countless visual combinations and exhibitions scenarios that the visitor can experiences.

Works for a Cosmic Feeling exhibition is hosted at Matèria, Rome and curated by Alessandro Dandini de Sylva.

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